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Title: Didgeridoo Medium: Burnt and varnished wood Dimensions: 142cms h Price: AUD$500.00 Convert ID: DAH265
Michael Lyons
Title: Didgeridoo Medium: Burnt and varnished wood Dimensions: 125cms h Price: AUD$350.00 Convert ID: DAH267
Title: Snake didgeridoo Medium: carved and painted bell base Dimensions: 145cms h Price: AUD$650.00 Convert ID: MIL001
Dale Huddleston
Title: Didgeridoo’s Medium: Painted Dimensions: between 131 to 150cms h Price: AUD$250.00 Convert ID: DAH175
Title: Lizard Didgeridoo Medium: Carved and painted Dimensions: 147cms h Price: AUD$650.00 Convert ID: MIL002
Darren Cooper
Title: Snake Dreaming Didgeridoo Medium: Painted Dimensions: 133cms h Price: AUD$300.00 Convert ID: DAH188
Title: Dreamtime (Blue) Medium: Painted Dimensions: 122cms h Price: AUD$1875.00 Convert ID: DAC003
Title: Dreamtime (Black) Medium: Painted Dimensions: 131cms h Price: AUD$2250.00 Convert ID: DAC NO.2
Carved and painted Painted Painted Burnt and varnished wood
Title: Wiradjuri Goanna Medium: Burnt and Varnished Dimensions: 123cms h Price: AUD$2250.00 Convert ID: DAC002
As we have a number of artists who make didgeridoo’s, their works will be listed below their names on this page.
Burnt and varnished