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Lyn Talbot
Home Specials About us Muscians Artists Recordings Art Gallery Programs Indigenous Community Links Information Events Contact us Sponsors Workshops Birth Place: NowraYear of Birth: 1953
Background: I was born at Nowra and at an early age my parents moved from the south coast to Cobar in western NSW.I believe my early childhood laid the foundations for the person I am today. As young children we played in the red dust catching yabbies in the streams. Hence my desire to create designs and artworks using the earthy colours of reds, oranges and browns- representing the land of my chidlhood - as well as blues and greens - resembling those of the sea and hills of my birthpalce. Themes: My interest in the mixed media approach allowed me to combine my old skils with fabrics and needles with an interest in lino printing.
Burned wood and easel  LYT059 Mixed Media  LYT071
Title:   Window to the Bush Medium:  Mixed Media - acrylic paint, string and grit compound Dimensions:   46cms w x 46cms h Price: AUD$250.00 Convert ID: LYT071
Title: Seed Pods on the land Medium: Burned and painted wood tile Dimensions: Wooden tile 10.5 cm h x 10.5 cms w - wooden easel 12.4 cms h Price: AUD$65.00 Convert ID: LYT059
Title: Community Circles Plate Medium: Vitrea paints fired on recycled glass Dimensions:  12 cms w x 26 cms h Price: AUD$100.00  Convert ID: LYT076
Title: My Bream Dreaming Platter Medium: Vitrea Paints fired on recycled glass Dimensions:  41 cms w x 25 cms h Price: AUD$188.00  Convert ID: LYT074
Title: Mountain Ways Aboriginal Shield Medium: Kiln formed glass - one of 6 individual shield designs using kiln formed cast glass at the Canberra Glassworks. Dimensions:  8 cms w x 14 cms h Price: AUD$350.00  Convert ID: LYT080 Two views one with the light behind to show the design
LYT074 Kiln Formed Glass LYT080 LYT078 LYT089
Medium: Vitrea Paints fired on recycled glass Dimensions:  14.5 cms w x 14.5 cms h Price: AUD$125.00 each  Convert ID: LYT078
Title:  Australian Seed Pods on the Land Medium: Acrylic paint on stretched canvas Dimensions:  51cms h x 40cms w Price: AUD$250.00  Convert ID: LYT108
Title:  Small boy dancing Medium: mixed media (small) Dimensions:  25cms h x 20cms w Price: AUD$30.00  Convert ID: LYT104
Title:  Harlequin Candle Holders (Variety of Colours) Medium: Vitrea Paints fired on recycled glass Dimensions:  8cm dia x 45mm base Plus Candle Price: each AUD$25.00  Convert ID: LYT129
Title:  Coolamon Plates/Shields Medium: Vitrea Paints fired on recycled glass Dimensions:  33.5cms long x 16cms w Price: each AUD$150.00  Convert ID: LYT125
Title:  Small Drinking Glass   (ID:  LYT130) Dimensions:  7cm dia x 4cm base x 7cm h Price: AUD$56.00  Convert Title:  Small Bowl   (ID:  LYT131) Dimensions:  2.5cm base x 7.5cm dia x 4.5h Price: AUD$46.00  Convert
Title:  Connections to Country Medium: Mixed media on deep edge s/c Dimensions:  46cms w x 46cms h Price: AUD$281.00  Convert ID: LYT109
Title:  Desert Flower Bowls (Variety of colours) Medium: Vitrea Paints fired on recycled glass Dimensions:  12cm dia x 6cm base x 5cmh Price: each AUD$56.00  Convert ID: LYT124
Small Square glass plates Medium: Vitrea Paints fired on recycled glass Dimensions:  14.5 cms w x 14.5 cms h Price: AUD$75.00 each  Convert Title:  Dillybag (green grasses) ID: LYT090 Title:   Dillybag (new grasses)   ID:  LYT089
- Sizes and prices vary slightly
Male dancer LYT112 $120
Clapsticks LYT114 $110
Male dancer LYT115 $120
Female Dancer LYT111 $120
Child dancing LYT116 $100
Basket Weaving
Brooch Weaving
Storytellers - Soft Sculptures
Title:  Journey on the Land Medium: Mixed media on stretched canvas Dimensions:  46cms  w x 46cms h Price: AUD$250.00  Convert ID: LYT110
Medium Grass Basket 19cm base x 9cm h Price: AUD$188.00  ID: LYT123
Price: AUD$125.00  ID: LYT122
Title:  Winnowing Sheath Brooches Medium: Madagascar grass and beads Price: AUD$40.00 Convert ID: LYT119
Small Grass Basket 16cm base x 6cm h
Title:  Dillybag and Bush Figs 
LYT090 LYT076