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Richard (Richie) Allan
Title: Ngunnawal Dreaming Carry Bag Medium: Printed on linen fabric Dimensions: 36 cms w x 33 cms h Price: AUD$19.00 Convert ID: RIA002
Background: Birth Place:    Ngunnawal Country Year:              1975 Lives:     Ngunnawal Country Richie is a well known artists that has been painting for over 25 years.  His paintings are bout his Aboriginal Spirituality and the connection he has with the land, water, trees and his totems.  Richie has attributed his work to his Culture, saying, “My Aboriginal Spirituality and my homelands is why I paint.  It is bringing me together as one with everything around me.” Richie’s artworks are displayed all over Canberra.
Title: Ngunnawal Dreaming Tote Bag Medium: Printed on linen fabric (large) Dimensions: 47 cms w x 38 cms h Price: AUD$32.00 Convert ID: RIA001
Title: Postcards (2 designs) Price: AUD$7.00 Convert Top:  Canberra in the Heart of Ngunnawal Country ID:  RIA003 Botom:  Welcome to Ngunnawal Country ID:  RIA004
Title: Ngunnawal Dreaming Mug Price: AUD$19.00 Convert ID: RIA008
Title: Ngunnawal Language Mug Price: AUD$19.00 Convert ID: RIA006
Title: Ngunnawal Dreaming Notebook Price: AUD$20.00 Convert ID: RIA005
Title: Ngunnawal Language Postcard (Folded) Price: AUD$13.00 Convert ID: RIA009
Canberrra in the Heart of Ngunnawal Country Postcard
Title: Lizards Medium:  Acrylic paint on metal lizard (treated for use inside or outside) Dimension:  37cms long Price: AUD$125.00 Convert ID: RIA011
The Ngunnawal Dreaming Notebook Ngunnawal Country Pens Ngunnawal Language Mug
Title: Ngunnawal Country Pens Price: AUD$7.00 Convert ID: RIA010
Title: Rainbow Serpent Medium:  Acrylic on stretched canvas Dimension:  100cms w x 75cms h Price: AUD$1875.00 Convert ID: RIA014
Ngunnawal Language Folding Postcard Lizards (painted metal) Ngunnawal Dreaming Tote Bag Large
Title: Three Ngunnawal Warriors Medium:  Acrylic on deep edge stretched canvas Dimension:  91cms w x 45cms h Price: AUD$1100.00 Convert ID: RIA013
Ngunnawal Dreaming Carry Bag Three Ngunnawal Warriors stretched canvas Rainbow Serpent stretched canvas
Title: Ngunnawal Language Mug (with small print) Price: AUD$17.00 Convert ID: RIA007