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Sarah Richards
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Birth Place: Sydney NSW Year of Birth: 1990 Awards:  ACT NAIDOC Artist of the Year 2015
Background: Sarah was born in Sydney NSW; spent her childhood on the Gold Coast QLD and now resides in Canberra ACT. She is a Nyiampaa descendant of the Wongaibon tribe located in the Riverine area of NSW
Title: Illusions Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas Dimensions:  121 cms h x 91 cms w Price: AUD$2500.00 Convert ID:  SAR136
Title: My Identity Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas Dimensions: 76 cms w x 102 cms h Price: AUD$1875.00 Convert  ID: SAR140
Title: Riverside Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas Dimensions: 90 cms w x 61 cms h Price: AUD$375.00 Convert ID:  SAR083
Title: Various  Small Gift Artworks Medium: Acrylic on canvas boards Dimensions: 36 cms w x 26 cms h Price: AUD$63.00 Convert  ID:  Each item has it’s own ID number
Title: Various Small Framed Artworks Information:  Contemporary artwork Medium: Acrylic on canvas board Dimensions: 21 cms x 16 cms Price: AUD$25.00 Convert  ID:   SAR144
Title: Commitment Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas Dimensions: 76 cms w x 38 cms h Price: AUD$440.00 Convert  ID: SAR147
Title: Endearment Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas Dimensions: 101 cms w x 76 cms h Price: AUD$1500. 00 Convert  ID: SAR151
Title: Kindness Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas Dimensions: 76 cms w x 101 cms h Price: AUD$1500.00 Convert  ID: SAR149
Title: Strength Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas Dimensions: 61cms w x 76 cms h Price: AUD$500.00 Convert  ID: SAR150
Title: Various small artworks Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas Dimensions: 30 cms w x 25 cms h Price: AUD$75.00 ea Convert  ID: SAR152 - Punaa (Owl) ID: SAR153 - Marraway (Red Kangaroo) ID: SAR154 - Platypus Duo ID: SAR155 - Frog Family