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Collaborative Hands Painting Workshops for Organisations (Ideal for participating in NAIDOC activities and reinforcing involvement in Organisational Reconciliation Action Plans - RAPs)
Description of a ‘Collaborative Hands’ painted panel: Each panel is interconnected by a circle or community symbol and in terms of an organistion, the circle symbol would represent the workplace community. Each participant would provide their own hand print by painting their hand and then pressing it against the pre-painted panel. The handprint and the interconnecting circles are then encircled by dot work until the entire panel is covered with artwork. The completed panels are treated and strung for hanging in the workplace as a reminder of the participant’s active involvement in an Indigenous Art Workshop. See the photographs below of a partially completed Collaborative Hand Panel.
About the Workshops: Workshops can be carried out in a suitable area within the organisation or at the Burrunju Art Gallery on Lady Denman Drive. This type of workshop requires the use of a minimum of three (3) 100cm x 100cm stretched canvas panels. Preparation for the workshop will take at least half a day, and the tasks to be carried out in preparation, whether at the Gallery or the Organisation, remains the same and is as follows: Workshop Preparation Tasks: Suitably sized workspace arranged - workshops at the Gallery would depend on the number of participants Artists need to layout drop sheets to ensure no accidents with paint spillages or dropped tools cause damage to flooring All paints are supplied by the Gallery Artists would mix suitable paint colours and quantities at the Gallery prior to transporting to the workshop if being carried out in the workplace Panels would be pre-painted with a background colour at the Gallery Length of the workshops are usually 2 to 3 hours Workshops may require two artists to carry out the tasks depending on number of participants If panels are not finished completely during the workshop, they will need to come back to the Gallery for completion, treatment and stringing and then returned to the organisation for hanging. Cost to the Organisation for a Collaborative Hands Workshop: Costs for workshops will depend on the number of participants and the number of panels to be completed and can be ascertained by contacting the numbers below.
The above image shows the community circles and how these connect the panels
Artist Dale Huddleston applying dot work to a Collaborative Hand Panel
For more information please use the following contacts: Email : burrunju@indigenoussupport.org.au Telephone home office : 02 62848229 Telephone the Burrunju Aboriginal Art Gallery on 02-62514371 or on Mobile 0400382084